The Information on `Head Music' by Suede

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What Is It?

The new - fourth - album from the band who were Britpop long before anyone had heard of Blur and Oasis. Their 1994 album, Dog Man Star, did as much as anything to set the whole Britpop bandwagon rolling.

How Are They Keeping?

Surprisingly well, after a decade in the drugs'n'rock'n'roll business. Founder member Bernard Butler has long since gone solo, but singer/songwriter Brett Anderson and company are doing fine without him.

What They Say About It

"It's not an obvious route for them to take, but one that brings a welcome touch of truly street-level humanity to Suede's more fancifully romantic notions of life on `the street'," Andy Gill, The Independent.

"It's sex, it's drugs, it's suburban ennui, it's frequently hilarious, but that probably isn't the intention," Ted Kessler, NME.

"There's nothing more entertaining than a band treading a line between genius and absolute nonsense. Safe ground is for wimps. Brett Anderson is out there, walking among the creative landmines," Laura Lee Davies, Time Out

Where You Can Get It

Head Music is released on Nude Records.