The Information on: `Hot Mouth'

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What Is It?

Destined for cult status according to some critics, Hot Mouth is a what- you-see-is-what-you-get assault on the senses; an intricate series of "musical conversations" generated by an unaccompanied vocal quintet, and matched by frenetic gesturings and movement.

Who's In It?

Four New Yorkers - including lead vocalist and composer Grisha Coleman - and one Englishman (director Jonathan Stone) create a diverse musical soundscape combining elements of gospel, opera, hip-hop and doo-wop.

What They Say About It

"As musicians, the group's technical fluency leaves you gaping. As dancers, I confess there are some you want to watch more than others," Jenny Gilbert, The Independent on Sunday.

"Superb entertainment... Hot Mouth deliver a slicker than slick performance package matched with real vocal skill that will almost certainly see them acquiring Stomp-style cult status," Hettie Judah, The Times.

"...Offers an unforced and rare consensus of physicality between voice and body," Sophie Constanti, Evening Standard.

Where You Can See It

Hot Mouth is at the Peacock Theatre, London WC2 (0171-863 8222) until Saturday