The Information on `Juxtapose'

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What Is It?

Tricky's fifth album in five years - a collaboration with DJ Muggs and DMX producer Grease - may not be any less gloomy than his previous output yet most critics are agreed that it marks a return to form for the sullen hip-hopper

What They Say About It

"The improvements may be due to Tricky's reduced input," The Independent.

"Tricky has made his most gripping record since Maxinquaye, if not a total return to form," The Independent on Sunday.

"An exceptionally well-paced, orchestrally and vocally sophisticated, mature and God- darn musical offering, with none of the crass todger-waggling that the darker end of hip-hop usually goes in for," Evening Standard.

"A genuinely startling and - would you credit it - sometimes charming record," The Guardian.

Where You Can Get It

Juxtapose is currently on release from Island records.