The Information on: Kiki Smith

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Who Is She?

The American sculptor, formerly known for her "body-art" with a therapeutic/victimist slant, broadens her range to take in natural history and the animal world - her latest show at Edinburgh's Fruitmarket Gallery features rabbits, mice, frogs, owls and wolves.

What They Say About Her

"The mood is a blend of Walt Disney and Sylvia Plath, vulnerable but perky. It's enjoyable, really, because Smith is so prodigal with ideas - all these beasts clearly have good potential presence. But she's not so good at bringing the ideas to a point," Tom Lubbock, The Independent.

"The neon, the videos, the digital animation. Not that there is anything dramatically wrong with them. But the technology seems to be stifling the offbeat talent. I hope this is a transitional phase," John Russell Taylor, The Times.

Where You Can See It

Kiki Smith's work is on show at the Fruitmarket Gallery, Market Street, Edinburgh (0131-225 2383) to 11 Sept