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What Is It?

Peter Hall's revival of Julian Barry's 1971 play Lenny, an account of the life and times of Lenny Bruce, the American stand-up who, 30 years after his death, is still widely accepted as the godfather of alternative comedy.

Who's In It?

The amiable Eddie Izzard (right) is at home with Bruce's wackier flights of fancy, but is less convincing in his delivery of the New York Jewish satirist's more confrontational material.

What They Say About It

"Izzard's niceness has a sanitising effect on the more confrontational material... Barry's piece runs into the difficulties often found in plays about the political nature of humour," Paul Taylor, The Independent.

"A noble attempt to recreate the original Lenny that catches his delight in spiralling fantasy but that lacks the moral danger he must have possessed," The Guardian.

"Though Izzard gives an intermittently compelling performance, Peter Hall's production is a lumbering disappointment ... I found myself wishing I was watching one of Izzard's own winning performances rather than his flawed impersonation of the far less entertaining Lenny," Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph.

Where You Can See It

Lenny is at the Queen's Theatre, London W1 (0171-494 5040) to 16 Oct