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What Is It?

Theatre de Complicite return with a wonderfully arresting piece of theatre: an intriguing exploration of memory, inspired by the discovery of a neolithic man in the Alps in 1991. Conceived and directed by Simon McBurney, the show is full of weird scenic mergers, cross-fades, revolving juxtapositions and internal echoes, and takes the audience on two simultaneous detective trails into the past.

Who's In It?

Simon McBurney, acting like a cross between a stand-up comic and a metaphysical hypnotist, invites the audience to concentrate on ever more distant moments in their past, wearing eye-masks and holding a leaf, they're asked to remember fragments of their own past. He also plays a harassed present- day insomniac whose girlfriend has left him.

What They Say About It

"The dazzling blizzard of synchronicities in Mnemonic, brilliantly achieved by an endlessly resourceful production, should not blind one to the fact that its primary appeal is to the heart, not the intellect. Mnemonic leaves you needing no aide-memoire: it is authentically unforgettable," Paul Taylor, The Independent.

"The way of the play and the way of the mind, the workings of memory and the search to join the past to the present, all these adventures are mixed by Simon McBurney and his team to make an absorbingly interesting and, yes, beautiful two hours of theatre," Jeremy Kingston, The Times.

"Mnemonic will haunt the memory of all who see it," Charles Spencer, The Daily Telegraph.

Where You Can See It

Mnemonic is at the Riverside Studios, London W6 (0181-237 1111) to 4 Jan