The Information on: Notting Hill

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What Is It?

The much-heralded sequel to Four Weddings and a Funeral, the romantic comedy that launched the career of Hugh Grant and took a huge amount of money at the box office. Scripted again by the egregiously talented Richard Curtis (Blackadder and Mr Bean), the plot essentially reruns that of Four Weddings: charming floppy-haired former public schoolboy falls in love with, and pursues a glamorous American and, after various setbacks, improbably succeeds. The setting is the fashionable London district of W11 where our hero runs a bookshop.

Who's In It?

Hugh Grant (right), gauche but cute and with slightly less of the stammering and twitching of Four Weddings, plays opposite the radiant Julia Roberts (right): a demanding part which requires her to impersonate a $15m-a-picture Hollywood star filming a movie in London. Hugh's friends this time are played by Tim McInnerney, Gina McKee and Emma Chambers.

What They Say About It

"He's back - and he's floppier-haired and crinklier-eyed than ever! ... The Notting Hill locations were a shrewd move: classy, elegant and picturesque. Loud and clear, they said `London' to American multiplex audiences, without being cliched." Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian. "Notting Hill represents a huge failure of imagination to miss those two days in August when the neighbourhood celebrates its fantastic diversity in the Carnival - Europe's largest street festival." Ferdinand Dennis, The Guardian.

Where You Can See It

Released countrywide in June.