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What Is It?

Don't imagine that the band's inability to come up with a name for their third album means they're not firing on all cylinders. The enduring Britpoppers - Gazza Coombes on vocals and guitar, Mickey Quinn on vocals and bass and drummer Danny Goffey, are still going strong, despite never really hitting the supernova heights of Oasis or Blur. Their new album hints at a variety of influences - from The Beatles on "Shotover Hill" and "Eon", to The Stones on tracks such as "Pumping on Your Stereo".

What They Say About It

"There are major changes to the sound, though sadly they appear to involve moving the short distance from Supergrass to Supertramp. Instead of adding to their appeal, the harpsichord runs, backwards guitars and ethereal strings serve to obscure the kernel of pop inspiration at the heart of these songs," Andy Gill, The Independent.

"What Supergrass bring to the party is skill, tightness, conviction and, from Gaz, one of the most electrifying voices in pop. These are enough to make a very listenable album; some thoughts and concerns of the band's own would be required to make an essential one," Nicholas Barber, The Independent on Sunday.

"This is neither an album to change the face of pop nor a signpost to the next millennium. It is, though, a thrilling record that sees the band expanding their musical horizons in ambitious fashion," Nigel Williamson, The Times.

Where You Can See It

Supergrass is on release from Parlophone records. They play Glasgow Barrowlands (0141-339 8383) Sat, then tour countrywide