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What Is It?

Warmly received (for the most part) first play by Adrian Pagan: a comedy set in a gay brothel in Earl's Court.

Who's In It?

A cast of seven - including Luke Healy, Darren Tighe, Patrick Baladi and Justin Salinger - dash around the stage.

What They Say About It

"A sex comedy in which we see almost no sex, but ideas and angles zip by in enviably assured group scenes, the breathlessly-paced, witty dialogue complemented by Jonathan Lloyd's beautifully acted, perfectly choreographed production which finds seven actors racing around the tiny stage to hilarious effect," David Benedict, The Independent.

"There is much winning tenderness here and some great laughs once Jonathan Lloyd's cast relax," Kate Bassett, The Daily Telegraph.

"Redolent of Earl's Court knocking shops it may be, but the set does no more than Jonathan Lloyd's slack direction to unify Pagan's naively inchoate writing. Many of the performances are also listless, hyper or merely bland," Patrick Marmion, Evening Standard.

Where You Can See It

The Backroom is at the Bush Theatre, London W12 (0181-743 3388) until 14 Aug.