THE INFORMATION on: `The Spice Girls'

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Who Are They?

The queens of pop - Posh, Baby, Sporty and Scary - are back together again with a seasonal message of spice on earth and goodwill to all men, in a show in which they prove they can still deliver live. To date, they have shifted around 17 million singles and 38 million albums; seven platinum- selling singles; eight UK number ones. Not bad for an outfit voted the Worst Group of 1999, at the recent Smash Hits awards.

What They Say About Them

"Let their wart-nosed detractors henceforth be struck silent: the Spice Girls can sing, they can dance, and they put on a touchingly entertaining show for the adoring faithful... We have been Spiced, and it is a blessing from above," Steve Poole, The Independent.

"The Spice Girls perform with consummate professionalism, never missing a beat, a note or a line of banter. `Winter in Spice World' was rather like Christmas shopping with the kids in the Bluewater or Trafford Centre: a brilliantly conceived replication of a seasonal experience, aimed at the requirements of the broadest market," Michael Bracewell, The Independent on Sunday.

"It's not a bad concert. The old hits have been funked over so that `Wannabe' almost kicks ass, and they carry off the a capella intro to `Say You'll Be There'... Pop phenomena never last. Even

The Beatles went bonkers. I advise a course of TM in Wales, and Victoria should take up the sitar," Evening Standard.

Where You Can See Them

The Spice Girls play Earl's Court Arena, Warwick Rd, London SW5 (0171- 378 8141) tonight