The information on 'The Straight Story'

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What Is It?

David Lynch eschews wild at heart in favour of mild at heart for his latest film: an irresistibly quirky road movie, based on a true story, about an old man who embarks on a 300-mile journey by tractor-mower to visit his sick brother.

Who's In It?

Richard Farnsworth gives a strong, and often moving, performance as Alvin Straight, the 73-year-old inching his way along the roadside. Oscar-winner Sissy Spacek plays his grown-up daughter.

What They Say About It

"Not since Easy Rider has the burnished autumnal landscape of mid-America been brought so rapturously alive... there's something irresistible about its heartwarming belief in American decency," Anthony Quinn, The Independent.

"The movie's position in Lynch's corpus of work raises questions but, on its own terms, it has a marvellous simplicity and candour, blessed with a wonderful performance from Richard Farnsworth: a thoroughly satisfying and affecting piece of work," Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.

"Few films feature people observing so many simple courtesies or committing small acts of kindness. Because it's a David Lynch film, The Straight Story, so uninflected with irony, is almost eerie," David Gritten, The Daily Telegraph.

Where You Can See It

The Straight Story (U, 112 mins ) is on general release.