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What Is It?

Declan Donnellan's award-winning production in Russian, with the Maly Theatre of St Petersburg, of Shakespeare's tale about a raging king who is driven to despair by a misguided belief in his wife's infidelity. This production is notable for Donnellan's inspired rethinking of the climactic statue scene.

Who's In It?

Pyotr Semak, as a charismatic Leontes and Natalia Akimova as Hermione, lead a fine ensemble company performing Shakespeare for the first time, against the backdrop of Nick Ormerod's stark wooden set.

What They Say About It

"Declan Donnellan's production gives this temporal preoccupation [with time] urgent beauty and poetic amplitude," Paul Taylor, The Independent

"You really couldn't ask for a more intelligent production of the play. But you could ask for a more inspired one: if only Donnellan would dare to be as fresh and visually symbolic throughout as he is in that final, devastating scene," Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

"Shakespeare in Russian might sound forbidding, but this lucid and intelligent production goes unerringly to the heart of this most miraculous of plays," Charles Spencer, The Daily Telegraph

Where You Can See It

The Winter's Tale is at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth (01752 267222) until tomorrow, then touring. Tour details on 0171-354 3574.