The information on `The World Is Not Enough'

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What Is It?

Michael Apted directs the 19th in the James Bond series, which sees our hero trying to save the West's oil supply from an international terrorist in his typically understated way. Die-hard fans won't be disappointed with the quota of stunts, villains, gadgets and totty; mere spectators might find it all a bit dated, leaving them shaken but not stirred.

Who's In It?

Pierce Brosnan, in his third Bond outing, is suitably athletic, decisive and debonair, pitting his wits against evil terrorist Renard (Robert Carlyle) who, by dint of the bullet lodged in his brain, is unable to feel pain. Robbie Coltrane returns as Valentin Zukovsky, while Dame Judi Dench is M.

What They Say About It

"Is there anything more wearisome in a Bond movie than the endgame spectacle of men in hard hats and orange boiler suits dashing in panic from the megalomaniac's underground HQ, prior to a humongous explosion... Is there anywhere for Bond to go but deeper into self-parody," Anthony Quinn, The Independent.

"Brosnan brings an intelligence and wit, together with lightness, to the role... it just still looks so weirdly dated - they're still clanging around in submarines, with bombs with diode timers, while Keanu Reeves and his younger generation are getting groovy and hi-tech in The Matrix," Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.

"Roll out the scarlet carpet: Bond is back... every single frame has something going on that raises your sense of wonder or amazement. Get to the queue before the queue gets to you," Andrew O'Hagan, The Daily Telegraph.

Where You Can See It

The World Is Not Enough (12, 128 mins) is on general release