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What Is It?

Clint Eastwood (below) directs himself in an adaptation of Andrew Klavan's novel about a journalist in a race against time to prove the innocence of a Death Row inmate.

Who's In It?

Eastwood, star of more than 40 films and 70 years old next year, is surrounded by a fine supporting cast, including Isaiah Washington (he looks far too innocent to ever be cast as a criminal), Diane Venora as Eastwood's long-suffering wife, and James Wood, who's magnificent as the hard-bitten editor.

What They Say About It

"True Crime isn't a disgrace, but it is faintly ridiculous and that's something Clint Eastwood should never be," Anthony Quinn, The Independent.

"Though the closing quarter of an hour is inevitably flawed by the kind of contrivance parodied in The Player... for the most part this is another fine, typically intelligent Eastwood film, a thriller that's unusually and movingly perceptive about human emotions," Geoff Andrew, Time Out.

"Perhaps oddly for such material, the high points of True Crime are all comic - in particular, the scenes of verbal sparring between Steve and his editor (the brilliant James Woods)," Mark Monahan, The Daily Telegraph.

Where You Can See It

True Crime (15, 128 mins) is on general release countrywide.