The Information on `Viva El Amor!' by The Pretenders

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What Is It?

The Pretenders first studio album in five years demonstrates Chrissie Hynde's full range, whether raging about pop stardom on the opening track or hinting at her own emotional vulnerability in "Human". As Hynde herself snarls in "Popstar", "They don't make 'em like they used to..."

Who's In The Band?

Much the same line-up as on 1994's Last of the Independents, including guitarist Adam Seymour and drummer Martin Chambers.

What They Say About It

"As elegant and accomplished an album as we have any right to expect... certainly, she's [Chrissie Hynde] mastered better than most the trick of growing old gracefully without also growing soft and complacent,"Andy Gill, The Independent.

"... one of the best Pretenders' albums and one of the worst. Everything that made Chrissie Hynde great is here, somewhere. But her essence is compromised at every turn," Garry Mulholland, Time Out.

"Contemptuous, glamorous, unbowed and utterly unrepentant, Chrissie Hynde bestrides the songs on Viva El Amor! with a presence that Sharleen Spiteri of Texas could not muster even in her dreams," David Sinclair, The Times.

Where You Can Get It

Viva El Amor! is released on WEA records and can be found at all good music stores.