The Information on `Wild Air', Siobhan Davies Company

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What Is It

Siobhan Davies (right), a choreographer specialising in the 30-minute form, throws caution to the wind to produce Wild Air, her first full-length piece, with a specially commissioned score from South African composer Kevin Volans.

Who's In It

Eight accomplished dancers, including Lauren Potter, Henry Montes, Paul Old, Sarah Warsop and Matthew Morris, exude cool detachment, dressed all in white and performing amid David Buckland's stark, metallic set.

What They Say About It

"They [the dancers] are frozen in my memory, the eight of them, all distinctive personalities, all consummately skilled," Nadine Meisner, The Independent.

"Exhilarating, mysterious, profoundly romantic, this is one of the most marvellously written dances I can remember seeing... Rush to see it," Ismene Brown, The Telegraph.

"The effect is so detached, so blank, that the flattening of the performers' individuality becomes an end in itself... it left me chilled to the bone," Keith Watson, The Guardian.

Where You Can See It

`Wild Air' can next be seen at the Gardner Arts Centre, Brighton (01273 685861) next Tue-Thur; it then tours to Edinburgh, Sheffield and Salisbury. Further details: 0171-250 3030.