The Information on: Woody Allen's `Celebrity'

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What Is It?

Woody Allen comedy, shot in black and white, about self-obsessed celebrity journo Lee Simon, who dumps his wife of 16 years to pursue younger women.

Who's In It?

Kenneth Branagh (right) as Simon has his Woody Allen impersonation down to a Tee but it's so mannered that the character is unconvincing. Allen's star-laden venture also features Judy Davis, who gives the film's best performance as Simon's abandoned wife, who falls for Joe Mantegna's suave TV producer. Winona Ryder plays an aspiring actress, while best of all, Leonardo DiCaprio takes the rise out of himself as a spoilt movie brat.

What They Say About It

"The problem of Branagh won't go away... [he's] neither one thing nor the other, and you certainly have no idea why young women keep throwing themselves at him," Anthony Quinn, The Independent.

"Who can tell what the relatively under-par quality of Celebrity betokens for Later Period Allen. A blip? Or a warning of inexorable decline?" Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.

"For all the familiar self-indulgences, Allen delivers one of his sharpest and sourest movies in years," James Christopher, The Times.

Where You Can See It

Celebrity (18, 114 mins) is on release at selected cinemas countrywide.