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What Is It?

Delightful animated film - adapted from Ted Hughes's book, The Iron Man - by Brad Bird (ex-Simpsons and King of the Hill). This version moves the action to smalltown America during the Cold War, where a little boy befriends and educates a gentle giant who's seeking refuge from government agents in the woods. Voiced by Eli Marienthal, Jennifer Aniston, M Emmet Walsh and Harry Connick Jr.

What They Say About It

"That kids are amoral little creatures - effortlessly switching between compassion and cruelty - is one of many `truths' you can take away from this film. The Iron Giant can do happy and shiny, but it's also got a sharp and rusty edge," Charlotte O'Sullivan, The Independent.

"It's the best film of the week; it's the best animation of the year, and it's far and away the best family movie for Christmas," Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.

"Brilliantly animated in a style reminiscent of Japanese Manga, with vocal contributions from the likes of Friends's Jennifer Aniston and the perpetually undervalued M Emmet Walsh, this is a film that should have even the most stony-faced of Hughes purists reaching for the Kleenex," Clark Collins, The Daily Telegraph.

Where You Can See It

The Iron Giant (U, 86 mins) is on general release.