The Infornmation On - `Human Traffic'

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What Is It?

Written and directed by 25-year-old Justin Kerrigan (near right) and produced by Allan Niblo (far right), Human Traffic follows a group of middle-class youths on a Friday night spree of drink and drugs amid the Cardiff rave scene. Set against a musical backdrop of Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers and Underworld, they're intent on getting "more spaced-out than Neil Armstrong, man".

Who's In It?

John Simm, star of TV's sexfest The Lakes, plays Jip, suffering from impotence as a result of his Ecstasy bingeing, with Shaun Parkes as a motormouth vinyl pusher. Howard Marks makes a cameo appearance.

What They Say About It

"You may feel a cautious goodwill towards Human Traffic, which has the good sense not to become a morality tale... it gets by on an irrepressible, try-anything spirit. That it made me feel about 120 years old was its only unpleasant side-effect," Anthony Quinn, The Independent.

"An enjoyable, middleweight comedy... sometimes it appears to strain as hard as Jip in bed with a girl, earnestly hoping for an erection. Just relax, I felt like saying, and it'll happen," Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.

"Ultimately it's more pop video than vox pop, keener on revamping the vacuous aspirations of a few spotty youths than exploring anything as mind-bending as a plot. Amusing, I guess, if you're stoned," James Christopher, The Times.

Where You Can See It

Human Traffic (18, 95 mins) is on limited release.