The John Kobal Foundation / Independent on Sunday Photographic Portrait Award

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1 Entrants may submit one or more portrait photographs in black and white or colour. 'Portrait' may be interpreted in its widest sense, of photography concerned with portraying people with emphasis on their identity as individuals.

2 Each photograph submitted must:

a) have been taken after 1 January 1990

b) be unmounted and no smaller than 16in x12in (40cm x 30cm) and no larger than 20in x 24in (50cm x 60cm)

c) be marked on the back with the entrant's name, address, daytime telephone number together with the title or description of photograph and date when it was taken.

d) be received no earlier than Monday 26 April 1993 and no later than Friday 30 April 1993

Any photograph failing to comply with any of these requirements will not be considered and will be disposed of without further notice.

3 Entrants must be 18 years or over before 31 December 1992.

4 The entry fee for each photograph is pounds 5 and should be submitted with the photograph. Cheques or Postal Orders should be made payable to 'The John Kobal Foundation Portrait Award Account.'

5 The total award money will be pounds 5,000. There will be one main award for Best Photographic Portrait and, if the judges feel it is appropriate, one or more runner-up awards as well. In that case, the judges will decide on the division of the award money.

The judges decision is final and no discussion can be entered into on their decision. They reserve the right to vary the awards or not to make any award.

The Judges will be Zelda Cheatle, The Zelda Cheatle Gallery; Angela Flowers, The Angela Flowers Gallery, Sir Eduardo Paolozzi; Terence Pepper, Curator of Photographs, The National Portrait Gallery and Liz Jobey, the Editor of the Independent on Sunday Review.

6 Entries can be delivered in person between 11 am and 4 pm from Monday 26 April to Friday 30 April 1993. Entries should be delivered in person to The John Kobal Foundation which is situated at 4th floor, 184 Drummond Street, London NW1 3HP (nearest underground: Warren Street/Victoria Line).

7 Entries may also be sent by post to The John Kobal Foundation at the above address and should be posted to arrived between the above dates. They should be clearly marked for the 'Attention of The John Kobal Photographic Portrait Award'

8 Entries will only be returned by post to photographers who have supplied a stamped addressed envelope or box. Without this,entries will not be returned and will be disposed of without any prior notice to the photographer unless collected before 4pm on Friday 14 May 1993 or, in the case of exhibited entries, before 4pm on Friday 16 July 1993.

Entries, other than those being exhibited at The Zelda Cheatle Gallery may be collected in person from The John Kobal Foundation between 11am and 4pm from Monday 10 May to Friday 14 May 1993 inclusive. Prints not collected during that period will be disposed of without any prior notice.

Prints exhibited at The Zelda Cheatle Gallery, 8 Cecil Court London WC2N 4HE may be collected in person from The Zelda Cheatle Gallery between 11 am and 4 pm from Monday 12 July to Friday 16 July 1993 inclusive. Prints not collected during that period will be disposed of without further notice.

The Sunday Review and The John Kobal Foundation cannot accept liability for entries lost or damaged. Proof of posting will not be accepted as proof of receipt.

9 By entering the competition photographers:-

a) warrant that they own the work submitted, that the whole copyright in the work is vested in them, that they have not in any way encumbered their right to deal with the ownership of the work and the copyright by assignment, license or otherwise and that if the work was commissioned for private and domestic purposes it is submitted with the permission of the person who commissioned it;

b) license Newspaper Publishing Plc to reproduce their entries without charge in connection with the promotion and reporting of the competition;

c) agree that their work may be exhibited at The Zelda Cheatle Gallery, 8 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4HE from Tuesday 22 June 1993 to Friday 9 July 1993

10 Reasonable efforts will be made to notify photographers before Friday 7 May 1993 if their work is to be exhibited and to notify prizewinners by telephone prior to the announcement of the award in The Independent on Sunday Review on Sunday 20 June 1993.

11 Trustees of The John Kobal Foundation and employees of Newspaper Publishing plc, The Zelda Cheatle Gallery and The Angela Flowers Gallery are not eligible to enter.

Further copies of these rules can be obtained with SAE from the Kobal Foundation (address above). Enquiries: Simon Crocker on 071 831 3033.

Trustees of The Kobal Foundation: Zelda Cheatle, Simon Crocker (Chairman), Angela Flowers, Rupert Gray, Jenny Hall, Monica Kobal, Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, Terence Pepper, Bill Rowlinson, John Russell Taylor, Yolande Sonnabend, June Stanier


The entry fee is pounds 5 per photographic portrait entered. Please check that you have enclosed a cheque or postal order to this amount made payable to:




This may be abbreviated to



When you submit your print ensure that you have written your name, address, phone number, title and date of your entry on the back of the print and on the coupon below.

Entries will only be returned if a suitable stamp addressed envelope is submitted at the time of entry








(pounds 5 PER ENTRY)

(Photograph omitted)