In the first of an occasional, we ask someone to plan their final meal; LIZ BREWER; PR AND PARTY ORGANISER
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First things first: I would send out hand-engraved formal invitations, with embossed wings in gold designed by Robin Anderson. We would be dining outside, overlooking the sea, at Richard Branson's private island, Necker. The table cloth would be white raw silk, specially printed with gold wings by Bernard Thorpe, with a matching sheer overthrow fringed with tiny bells, just like the Christmas tablecloth and napkins I designed recently. The napkin holders would be gold and diamond bracelets from Adler.

I would re-cover Richard's giant bamboo sofas in more of the white silk material, and provide masses of soft cushions. The waiters and waitresses would be draped in white silk and satin flowing gowns, and they would wear crowns of gold leaves. To light the feast I would have 100 white and gold candles from Thomas Goode. The cutlery would be solid gold Kings Pattern, the dinner service the Highgrove china designed by HRH the Prince of Wales, and the glasses would be the Saint Louis Thistle Gold range, also from Thomas Goode.

Dress for the guests would be "barefoot and angelic"! The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra would be playing Madam Butterfly on the beach in the distance throughout the meal, with Faure's Requiem to serenade us over coffee. We would drink Krug champagne before dinner - and before the meal, all guests would be offered a head and neck massage.

The meal would start with raw vegetables and avocado dip from Daphne's; then caviare soup, as created by Anton Mosimann and launched by me earlier this year on behalf of WG White Caviar for its centenary. Naturally, it uses half-a-pound of beluga per portion, topped with gold leaf, correctly eaten by licking the caviare off our wrists, swilled down with Laurent Perrier's new vintage champagne. Then champagne sorbet; followed by lobster on a bed of cream endives with Calvados and cider sauce, created by Brian Turner - or, alternatively, his light stew of whatever fish we had caught earlier in the day, with saffron sauce and steamed vegetables (these would be flown in specially). Then risotto nero, created by Kevin at Le Caprice; and for dessert, Annabel's bitter chocolate ice-cream, and fresh wild fruits, including oodles of delicious Cape gooseberries.

The wines throughout would be recommended and supplied by John Gilcrest, the sommelier at Scotts. Coffee would be personally delivered by Lee Chapman from his new Walton Street establishment Barfly, accompanied by Harry's Bar's special chocolate coffee beans and biscuits. Each of my guests would receive a hand-made gold cracker from Renwick & Clarke, with a solid-gold present inside. The guests would then all be offered the chance to have their feet bathed and massaged, combined with a little light reflexology, by Joanna Jordan.

And who would be sharing the experience with me? A collection of sugar `n' spice, providing conversation to die for! Madonna (fascination and stimulation); Mother Theresa (to reassure); Shirley Bassey (my best friend); HRH Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (truly Royal); Oprah Winfrey (loads of spice); Ivana (her enthusiasm and accent); Nelson Mandela (his inspiration and honesty); Marlon Brando (his sensuality and magnetism); Billy Connolly (his wicked wit); Sir Alec Guinness (mutual admiration); Fidel Castro (to bring the cigars) and Elton John (nostalgia).

The last time I was in Las Vegas to see the illusionists Siegfried and Roy perform I vowed that before I die I wanted to know how they do it - especially when they make those beautiful white tigers appear and disappear all over the place. So, we would erect a special stage over the floodlit tennis court and have a one-off performance, and they would reveal their secrets to me. Between conversations, I would love to dance the night away round the pool with my guests, to music from Los Paraguas, The Gypsy Kings and any great steel band.

Finally, hot-air balloons from all over the world would waft in, bringing everyone I have ever met, loved, worked and played with. I would thoroughly enjoy organising everything down to the last detail, helped by my creative and wonderful daughter Tallulah - on condition that she could have her own private celebration in peace at the other end of the island. !