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1. It has been a good week for the following. Why?

a) John Major

b) Dean Headley

c) Terry Jenkins

2. Who has "decided that public expenditure is there to uphold the economy in the traditional Keynsian way"? (See pictures, right)

a) George Soros, speculator

b) Eddie George, governor of the Bank of England

c) John Prescott, Deputy Prime Minister

d) Oskar Lafontaine, the German finance minister

3. The euro currency has now been adopted by 11 nation states. But how much is one euro worth in pounds sterling?

4. Why will British workers be raising their glasses to the JD Wetherspoon pub chain in the coming year?

5. Meanwhile, the chairman and chief executive of the leisure group Bass, Sir Ian Prosser, might have enjoyed a hearty drink over the New Year. Why?

6. It has been a bad week for the following. Why?

a) Arthur Koestler, writer and philosopher

b) Mikhail Gorbachev, chief architect of the Russian free market

c) Bradsted's, one of Delia Smith's favourite restaurants

7. Who is responsible for the rise in British hit men according to the director general of the National Crime Squad?

a) Drug dealers, responsible for a steady rise in drug-related crime

b) The Government, because of the increased level of poverty on Britain's estates

c) Lorry drivers, for failing to check their lorries for stowaway arms smugglers

d) Sylvester Stallone, who has played so many classic roles in shoot- 'em-up blockbusters

8. Leicester student Luke Salter, who said his politics are "very much to the left; certainly too left of the Labour party these days" has proposed to who's daughter?

9. What criminal activity links sports minister Tony Banks, TV producer Desmond Wilcox and Tate Gallery executive Sir Nicholas Serota?

10. Props used for which blockbuster were confiscated by customs at Heathrow because they were made from the animals pictured left?

11. The ill effects of smoking on health are well documented, but recent research from Chicago University suggests it may also contribute to the death of which social institution?

12. Young holiday makers may find themselves grounded for most of the year in future. Why?


1. a) The former PM was made Companion of Honour in the New Year's honours list for his part in the Northern Ireland peace process; b) The English bowler won Man of the Match after England's Test victory over Australia; c) He escaped from Littlehay prison in Cambridgeshire after using blankets and a home-made rope to breach razor wire.

2. John Prescott, who has forged a new "Left" alliance with Gordon Brown.

3. 70p

4. The company has announced that it will create 2,000 new jobs in 1999 by opening 80 new premises at a cost of pounds 800m.

5. Sir Ian's remuneration package for 1999 will be approximately pounds 1.6m after he was handed pounds 717k in options (on top of his pounds 600k basic salary and pounds 289k bonus).

6. a) His bust was removed from the foyer of Edinburgh University after female students complained of his history of sexually abusing women; b) He has declared himself insolvent after losing his life savings of pounds 50,000 in the recent economic turmoil; c) It pleaded guilty to seven breaches of food hygiene and safety regulations.

7. d) He was among actors named by the director general when he criticised violent films for creating a blase attitude to mercenary killing.

8. John Major's daughter Elizabeth. In 1998, Major's son proposed to the former topless model, Emma Noble.

9. The theft of over pounds 1m of paintings and silverware from The Arts Club between 1976 and 1991 which came to light this week. The three men are all members of the club - though not suspected of having anything to do with the crime.

10. Titanic.

11. Marriage. The study shows that American smokers are 53 per cent more likely to divorce than non-smokers.

12. b) Head teachers have called for a law to prevent families with school children absconding during term time to exploit cheaper holiday packages.