The News Quiz

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1) It has been a bad week for the following. Why?

a) Earl Spencer

b) Jane Root

c) England's cricket team

d) Paul Burrell

2) Why have these people had a good week?

a) The millions of All Saints fans

b) Mark Foster

c) General Pinochet

d) Gilbert McNamee

3) Who were turned away from Harrods for wearing ripped jeans?

a) Patsy Kensit and Liam Gallagher

b) Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall

c) Kate Winslet and Jim Threapleton

d) Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan

4) Which country is said to have created the first human clone?

a) Germany

b) USA

c) South Korea

d) Sweden

5) The editor of which Sunday newspaper was accused of being a spy?

a) The Sunday Times

b) The Sunday Telegraph

c) The Mail on Sunday

d) The Observer

6) Who won a plagiarism case against an unknown singer called Ray Repp from Maryland? (See pictures, above.)

a) Kylie Minogue

b) Andrew Lloyd Webber

c) The Prodigy

d) Robbie Williams

7) Why did Graham Kelly, the chief executive of the FA, resign?

a) Because of England's poor results

b) Because of his dress sense

c) Because he authorised a pounds 3.2m loan to the Welsh FA

d) Because he admitted being a Scotland supporter

8) By how much were some mobile phone charges ordered to be cut?

a) 25 per cent

b) 50 per cent

c) 13 per cent

d) 4 per cent

9) Who won Sports Personality of the Year?

a) David Beckham

b) Denise Lewis

c) Iwan Thomas

d) Michael Owen

10) According to the population-density league, where does Britain come?

a) 1st

b) 13th

c) 39th

d) 125th

11) Who was arrested for allegedly damaging his neighbour's car?(See pictures, left.)

a) Eric Cantona

b) Tony Banks

c) Sir Bernard Ingham

d) Jean-Claude Van Damme

12) Which "It" girl had her 27th birthday party?

a) Caprice

b) Tara Palmer-Tompkinson

c) Tamara Beckwith

d) Lili Maltese


1. a) His South African house was struck by a bolt of lightning; b) She was appointed as controller of BBC2 - but rather than celebrate her achievement, most papers chose to concentrate on the fact that she was the first woman to land the job;

c) They surrendered the Ashes - yet again;

d) Princess Diana's butler was relieved of his duties on her charity fund.

2. a) The girl band have announced that they are taking a break - but they say they will not be splitting up;

b) The Bath swimmer broke the world record for 50 metres free-style at the European Championships at Sheffield;

c) The Law Lords overturned their original verdict and the rogue general will get a second hearing;

d) He won his appeal over the Hyde Park bomb plot.

3. c) Is the Titanic star feeling down over this?

4. c) This is worrying the medical community, as it raises serious ethical questions.

5. b) Dominic Lawson is said to have been a spy for MI6.

6. b) Was Ray Repp ever going to win?

7. c) He left his pounds 250,000 job, even though the chairman, Keith Wiseman, who made the loan in the first place, has refused to go.

8. a) Though prices were so high in the first place that they're still not acceptable.

9. d) Denise Lewis was second and Iwan Thomas third.

10. c) 240 people per square kilometre.

11. c) Lady Thatcher's former press secretary.

12. b) She celebrated with several hundred close friends at Tramps night- club in London.