The News Quiz

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1) It has been a bad week for the following. Why?

a) Kate Moss

b) Geoffrey Robinson

c) Jonathan Aitken

d) Cliff Richard

2) Why have these people had a good week?

a) William Hague

b) Clive Woodward

c) Denise Richards

d) John Hume and

David Trimble

3) What did Boris Yeltsin leave his hospital bed to do?

a) Buy a bottle of vodka

b) Resign as President

c) Sack his chief of staff

d) Announce he is standing for re-election

4) How many viewers tuned in to Trevor McDonald's interview with Sarah Ferguson on ITV2?

a) 14 million

b) 8 million

c) 223,000

d) 730

5) How much is Carol Vorderman's new television contract worth to her?

a) pounds 1m over five years

b) pounds 5m over four years

c) pounds 4m over five years

d) pounds 5m a year

6) Where will the Grollo Tower (set to be the tallest building in the world)

be built?

a) Singapore

b) Melbourne

c) Hong Kong

d) Tokyo

7) Which supermodel has been charged with assault and is being sued for up topounds 5m by her former secretary?

a) Claudia Schiffer

b) Cindy Crawford

c) Naomi Campbell

d) Kate Moss

8) Even if impeachment procedures are started in the House of Representatives (the lower house of the US parliament), what percentage of the Senate (the upper house) would have to vote against President Clinton in order to force him to go?

a) A quarter

b) Half

c) Two-thirds

d) The entire Senate

9) Why has the organist of Westminster Abbey been dismissed?

a) For financial misconduct

b) For launching a solo pop career

c) For playing out of tune one time too many

d) For admitting to being

an atheist

10) Which country has Britain overtaken to become the fourth-biggest military power in the world?

a) China

b) Russia

c) Canada

d) France

11) Who is set to make his debut on the cult cartoon show, The Simpsons?

a) Eric Cantona

b) John Major

c) Stephen Hawking

d) Nelson Mandela


1) a) There was a fire in her room, at an exclusive private clinic

b) Yellow Pages allegedly lists

his services as a political consultant

c) The former Cabinet minister is to stand trial at the Old Bailey d) He failed even to get a mention in a Radio 2 easy-listening chart compilation

2) a) His new hard-man image has earned him a two-point gain in ratings compared to last month (he is now up to 29)

b) The England rugby coach saw his team win 13-7 against the world champions, South Africa

c) She has been chosen as the new Bond girl to star opposite Pierce Brosnan

d) They were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

3) c) He sacked his chief of staff and returned to bed

4) d) Just 730 people tuned in, though ITV insist this is because very few homes can access the new digital channel. Strange then that a rerun of Gladiators attracted 30,000 viewers

5) b) Making her the highest paid woman on television

6) b) Work starts in 2000

7) c) On the bright side, though, she is said to have found love, with Salvatore Briatore, an Italian businessman

8) c) Making it highly unlikely that he will be impeached, as there are 44 Democrats out of 100 senators

9) a) He was sacked by the Ven Dr Wesley Carr after it had emerged that the organist and his wife had set up a private business to handle concert fees

10) d) France now moves down to fifth

11) c) The scientist is the latest in a long-running list of famous people to appear on the hit show. Past guests include U2, Steve Martin and Kim Basinger