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The tragedy is that talented people aren't more often good people as well - there seems to be an inverse relationship between the two virtues. The obstacles of power, fame or plain sex, drugs and rock'n'roll provide challenge enough for an artist to hold onto even a thread of moral fibre.

Without Walls: "I Survived - Ike Turner" (9pm C4) is a retrospective of a rock'n'roll legend who began his career at Sun Studios, Memphis, Tennessee with the likes of Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis. Ike is trying to make success second time around, and before he does, the public may just want to review his credentials. So perhaps he might try and convince us that despite what we may have heard, he isn't such a monster: well not anymore. OK, he had a bit of a reputation as a womaniser and coke addict, oh, and he knocked Tina Turner around a bit. Was he only doing what any man might have done in his position, giddy with the glamour of it all? But all that was long ago and he has had time to reflect a while - a prison sentence permits that.

Ike has sorted out his life and jail enabled him to kick drugs - he may even be back with one of the greatest shows on earth. But will his music ever be enough for us to forgive him for what Tina has told us? Be prepared to take sides.