The Stand-up: Frank Skinner (Soho Theatre, London)


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What is it? Frank Skinner is back, with his first stand-up show in six years, Man in a Suit, designed for smaller theatres rather than stadium tours.

We say: “He’s ditched the filth, he says, for sophistication. Skinner still loves a bit of blue, and it’s his trump card, held for the end. His routines about how he’s developed his oral sex and dirty talk, don’t break any ground, but they are exquisite, and surprising. Is there a better comic on the subject of sex? I’d argue not. Depth is lacking though – or at least, dwelling on a subject long enough to anchor this 90-minute show.”

They say: The Guardian: “Aged 56, has the clown prince of British laddism finally gone legit? Well, yes and no. Man in a Suit certainly sees Skinner tone down the trademark blokeishness – but only so far. And there’s nothing especially sophisticated about what Skinner puts in its place ... the Black Country native ranges widely over his own celebrity, homelessness and Japanese poetry. But it’s a magpie-ish affair [without] anything resembling an argument.”

You say: @LouFederer: “Frank Skinner was wonderful at Soho Theatre tonight. Must catch up on the 90s stuff.”

Details: to 23 Nov; then Leicester Square Theatre, 21 Jan to 22 Feb