The Stand-up: Miles Jupp, On Tour


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What is it? Stand-up comic and star of TV’s Rev, Balamory, and many panel shows, tours his new live set, Miles Jupp is the Chap You’re Thinking Of.

The Independent says: “A master of metaphor, a seigneur of similes … Jupp’s return to the ‘eloquent bumbling’ he honed in his earlier Edinburgh Fringe shows is a welcome one … keen to remind us that the whiff of snobbery and Empire that might linger around him is belied by his political leanings.”

They say: The Telegraph: “From his plummy accent and hapless self-deprecation to his total ignorance of modern youth culture, there has always been an element of Bertie Wooster … [the show] does wander a bit aimlessly at times. But ultimately Jupp’s loquacious wit and despairing view of the frenzied, modern world – he is perhaps more Jeeves than Wooster these days – make for a tour-de-force of very British comedy.”

Chortle: “His rigidity, pride, and self-deprecating awareness of both, plays well not only to the demographic he shares with Waitrose-shopping Radio 4 listeners, but also those who would mock that cushy lifestyle.”

You say: @ShinnyShinyKey: “unbelievably fantastic and such a lovely guy.”

Details: on tour till 2 Apr;