The Sunday Preview: Cinema

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Dakota Road (NFT). Nick Ward's first film is a bleak story of repression set in the Norfolk fens and starring Charlotte Chatton as a rebellious teenager. Looks and sounds, alas, like a low-budget British feature. Robin Buss

Dietrich and von Sternberg (ICA, 071- 930 3647). He knew how to light her, and she lit up the world. Shanghai Express (tonight), their finest film, stars Dietrich as a snarling demi-mondaine (asked if she's married, she says 'it took more than one man to change my name to Shanghai Lily'). In the daft but diverting Blonde Venus (Weds, 6.30), she gets into a gorilla suit. The Devil is a Woman (Weds, 8.30) was her favourite, because 'I looked more beautiful than in any other film'. T A