The Sunday Preview: Dance

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Romeo and Juliet/Triple Bill (ROH, Covent Garden, 071-240 1066, Tues- Sat, mat Sat). Mon and Fri see the last performances this season of a popular bill including Elite Syncopations, Les Sylphides and A Month in the Country, while Romeo and Juliet returns for the rest of the week, with changing casts, led by Viviana Durante, with Irek Mukhamedov dancing Romeo for the first time with this company.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (London Coliseum, 071-836 3161, Tues- 1 Aug, mats Sat). Enormously popular, dynamic black modern dance company, based in New York, comes to London after a 17-year absence.

Statue to Stillness (various open spaces, today, Weds and Thurs, 071- 226 7067). Very way-outdoor, co-operative dance meditation - holistic, green and absolutely free. City Rd Basin tonight; Wilmington Sq, Weds; Russell Square, Thurs.