The Sunday Preview: Jazz

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Kenny Barron (Tenor Clef, 071-729 2440, tonight-Thurs). Stan Getz's choice as pianist in his last years; enough said.

Lee Konitz (Jazz Cafe, 071-284 4358, Tues-Thurs). At the recent Gerry Mulligan 'Rebirth of the Cool' concert, the great altoist was the only member of the band still trying to say something new. Here he's with a quartet, including the pianist Peggy Stern.

John Stevens (Bird's Nest Jazz Gallery, All Saints' Road, W11, 071-229 2094, Fri). Now leading a quartet featuring Byron Wallen (trumpet) and Ed Jones (reeds), the veteran British drummer always sounds fresh. Richard Williams


The BBC Radio Show (Broadcasting House, 071-927 5055, Sat to 4 Oct). A stage show, an exhibition and a live demonstration make up an event which traces 70 years of the redoubtable Auntie.