The Sunday Preview: The five best exhibitions

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Fleurs et Natures Mortes (JPL Fine Art, 071-493 2630, to 19 May). High quality selection of French artists from Vallotton to Leger.

Georges Braque (Tate Gallery, 071-821 1313, to 27 June). The master's prints.

Peter Lanyon (Newlyn Art Gallery, 0736 63715 to 12 June). The travelling retrospective of the Cornish artist now reaches his home turf.

Tradition and Revolution in French Art (National Gallery, 071-839 3321, to 11 July). Impressive pictures from the Musee des Beaux-Arts in Lille, including David, Delacroix, Chardin, Courbet and the unfamiliar Boilly.

The Sixties (Barbican Art Gallery, 071-638 8891, to 13 June). Mixes advertising with high art - incoherent but fun, a wild stab at capturing the essence of the decade.