The Sunday Preview: The five best films

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Night on Earth (15; Lumiere, Gate, Camden Plaza, MGM Fulham Rd). Five tales in a taxi, told in glowing style by a globe-trotting Jim Jarmusch.

Belle de Jour (18; MGM Swiss Centre and Tottenham Ct Rd). A new release for Luis Bunuel's alarmingly cool 1967 study of sexual fantasy, starring Catherine Deneuve.

The Player (15; Odeon Kensington & Mezzanine, MGM Shaftesbury Ave, Haymarket, Chelsea and Trocadero, Whiteleys, Renoir, Screen on the Hill). Tim Robbins excels in a brilliant bite at modern Hollywood.

Casablanca (U; Plaza). Fifty years old and playing again where it belongs, up on the big screen.

In a Lonely Place, They Live by Night and Bigger Than Life (Everyman 071- 435 1525, Tues only). A fine triple-bill of Nicholas Ray dramas, with Bogart and James Mason on especially good (and paranoid) form.