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"If I found her floating in my pool, I'd punish my dog"

Joan Rivers

"Her voice sounded like an eagle being goosed"

Ralph Novak

"As usual there's a great woman behind every idiot" John Lennon

"Although we both wed the same man and both had a child by him, we were, and still are, worlds apart" Cynthia Lennon

"I came home and saw her listening to a clock with a stethoscope. She was running an exhibition at the time called 'Timepiece'. Photographers were taking pictures of her, and I then realised she was unique." Adrian Morris, fellow London artist, 1967

"She gives off very bad vibes" Bob Dylan

"That these delicate, fragile pieces succeed in the face of the hysterical publicity blanketing them, is a tribute to their integrity" Dale Denmark, on the first retrospective of Yoko's work in New York, Newsweek, 1971

"Even though she doesn't have a Joplin edge to her throat, the lady's learning how to rock'n'roll" Roy Hollingworth, on a concert by John and Yoko at Madison Square Garden, Melody Maker, 1972

"Miss Ono began with a fearsome siren note, as Japanese as a Noh Play chant, and sustained it to the point of self-torture. At no time was the music comforting" Local newspaper review of her performance at an avant-garde jazz festival, Cambridge, unattributed 1969