The TV show: Agatha Christie’s Poirot (ITV)


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What is it? The last episode of the long-running series –  starring David Suchet – brought to life Agatha Christie’s novel Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case.

The Independent says: “Suchet’s Belgian sleuth was wheelchair-bound for his much-trumpeted swansong. But then the wheelchair turned out to be a ruse  … cunning, eh? Or laughable, depending on your tolerance for this creaky old-school whodunit fare … but the aptly titled  Curtain did provide its own surprises – not least when Poirot, having shaved his top lip so that again he could wrong-foot his quarry, ripped off his fake waxed moustache.”

They say: The Mirror: “Suchet has now performed every one of the stories Agatha Christie wrote about the quirky super-sleuth. But it’s a very different Hercule Poirot that viewers bid adieu to tonight. Old and ill, he was not the dapper and confident  little fellow …”

The Express: “The mood was much darker than the usual  … the episode ended with a final enigmatic shot of Poirot with his trademark moustache firmly in place on his egg-shaped head.”

You say: @PaulaKelsall: “Enjoyed watching Poirot but ‘Curtain’ is my least favourite Christie Poirot book – felt she betrayed his character (ps Hastings is adorable)”