The War in the Balkans: Quotes of the War

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"It's not a picnic. They must understand, if the ground troops come in they will be leaving in body bags."

`Arkan', Serb mercenary (above)

"President Milosevic should make no mistake; the United States takes care of its own."

Bill Clinton,

US President

"There's no knockout blow that can be delivered, either from the ground or from the air. It never was going to work instantaneously."

George Robertson, Defence Secretary

"Historically ignorant, politically inept and internationally illegal"

Sir Peter Tapsell, Tory MP,

describing Britain's involvement in the bombing

"Milosevic is in charge of a campaign of murder and ethnic cleansing. I think by any definition that's a war crime."

Alastair Campbell,

the Prime Minister's press secretary