The Week in Review: The Dance Martha Graham

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The first London visit by the Martha Graham Dance Company since her death in 1991. They perform a series of works originally created by Graham in the 30s and 40s, including Appalachian Spring, set to music by Aaron Copland.

"Christine Dakin's performance in Errand is strong, clear and vivid; this kind of expressiveness is what we once used to see from all Graham's dancers," revealed John Percival.

"They dance with confidence, beautifully shaping the signature moves that made Graham this century's greatest dancer," trilled the Evening Standard. "An unmissable exhibition of genius, though there are weak performances to ignore," wrote The Daily Telegraph. "[Appalachian Spring] disappointed, the cast lacking the focus and flame needed to turn so much theatrical artifice into living emotion," grumbled The Times.

Owing to its taped score, Appalachian Spring was disappointing, but the show built up to a thrilling finale with Chronicle.

Tonight is the final show by the Martha Graham Dance Company at the Barbican Centre, London. Call 0171-638 8891