The Week in Review: The film - 8mm

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Nicolas Cage's private detective delves into the murky world of snuff movies in Joel Schumacher's dark thriller, scripted by Seven's Andrew Kevin Walker.


"Under the control of a more thoughtful director, 8mm might have caught not just the rot but the squalid enchantment of the world it investigates," suggested Anthony Quinn, adding: "As things stand, it's just not up to snuff." "This shines only the faintest of lights on the darker side of the human psyche," wrote Time Out. "About two-thirds through, the film falls apart," declared The Daily Telegraph. "A dark, dispiriting disappointment," remonstrated the Daily Mail. "Anyone expecting a chiller on the murky level of Seven can leave their expectations at home," noted the Evening Standard. But "Disconcerting and thoroughly entertaining," insisted The Times.


Schumacher skims the surface of a darkly compelling subject with this flawed thriller.


8mm is out on general release, certificate 18.

123 minutes.