The Week in Review: The Play Julius Caesar

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Director Mark Rylance celebrates the 400th anniversary of the Globe with a revival of Julius Caesar, the play which was performed in the theatre's first season in 1599. With Paul Shelley and Mark Lewis Jones.

"The inn-yard intimacy of the Globe has, in the past, encouraged an atmosphere of ugly partisanship. Ironically, there was precious little sense of mob danger at the first night," lamented Paul Taylor, concluding: "This is a decent rather than an exciting Julius Caesar." "The most satisfying production at the Globe to date," beamed The Daily Telegraph. "At its best, Rylance's production emphasises the timelessness of Shakespeare's study of political assassination. At its worst, it feels like a trip to a Tudor theme park," stated the Evening Standard, while The Times thought that:

"the production lacks something in excitement."

Despite strong individual performances, Rylance's production lacks the tension and electricity of Shakespeare's play.

Julius Caesar is at the Globe Theatre, Bankside, until 21 September. For bookings and enquiries, call 0171-401 9919