The Week in Review: The play - Othello

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Michael Attenborough's production of Shakespeare's tragedy sees the bearded 31-year-old, Ray Fearon, as the eponymous

Moor and Zoe Waites as Desdemona.


"Fearon's youth is against him here. Competent, watchable but hollow and vocally monotonous, he never arouses the requisite anguished embarrassment in the audience," opined Paul Taylor, adding: "The production none the less has energy, tension and smart staging ideas." "Everything about [the] production is fine until the last act. Then the play simply dies on its feet," bemoaned the Daily Mail. The Daily Telegraph: "This consistently absorbing production is full of intelligent detail, yet it never quite achieves greatness." "[Fearon] bears the authentic stamp of conviction," maintained the Evening Standard.


This is a role in which Fearon had much to live up to. Sadly, his performance was only adequate.


Othello is at the RSC Stratford-Upon-Avon until 7 October. For bookings and enquiries, call 01789 295623