THEATRE: Christopher Street Columbus - Drill Hall, London WC1

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While the Royal Shakespeare Company is giving a historical perspective on the exploits of Christopher Columbus at the Barbican, New York's cultish Hot Peaches is camping out in WC1 with a latter-day voyage of discovery. This Christopher is black, gay and proud and has been chosen - in the absence of any other candidate - to play the explorer in a small town's Columbus Day parade organised by the local priest and mayor, a pair of closet gays who find the event turns into quite an outing. Hot Peaches' acting style is endearingly amateurish and the excruciating plotting and dialogue are merely incidental to the music and songs which are raunchy, tender and angry and delivered (particularly by Michael Lynch) with show-stopping verve. Not quite theatre, but certainly quite a performance.

To 1 Aug (071-637 8270)