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'With its mixture of passion, politics and piercing intelligence, this ought to be a thrilling play, but it achieves only the most muffled impact at the Young Vic, and as Rosmer and Rebecca headed towards their suicide in the mill-race I was seized not with pity but by uncontrollable yawns.' Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph.

'Francesca Annis is an undeniably compelling and original Rebekka . . . My only reservation is that (her) body language is so at odds with 1880s provincial Norway that she makes Rosmer look like a sexless chump for having preserved their platonic relationship for so long. Corin Redgrave gets round this as best he can by playing Rosmer as a nave, book-bound, unworldly figure wrapped up in his political conversion: it's an honest, intelligent performance but one strangely unshadowed by past events.' Michael Billington, Guardian.

'Redgrave seems a more authentically troubled presence (than Annis). Though he is at first too warm and relaxed - not an accusation I expected to direct at this austere actor - his performance is the more striking.' Benedict Nightingale, Times.

'Annie Castledine's production is fluent, unfussy, dramatically well-pointed . . . For Ibsenites and for theatre-lovers who want to improve their education, this Rosmersholm is seriously collectable, but some way off spot-on.' David Murray, Financial Times.