Theatre: Curtain calls

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I defy anyone who has ever had the (mis?)fortune to be anywhere near the show Annie (above) not to be able to hum the show's hit tune, "Tomorrow". Hell, even Barbra Streisand sang the damn song on one of her albums, but enough of my misspent youth.

Yet even those in the know may not have come across the rewritten lyric that runs: "I'm 30 years old/ Tomorrow/ And I haven't worked since I played Annie/ When I was ten..." This little gem pops up in the new version of Forbidden Broadway, which arrives next week at the Jermyn Street Theatre.

The brainchild of Gerard Alessandrini, this light-hearted lampoon of Broadway and London's musicals is sharp-toothed but simple. Witty showbiz lyrics are written to well-known showtunes. The whole shebang began life at Palsson's Supper Club in New York in 1982, before settling in at the 125-seater Theatre East. Every year since, it has been updated to take on board the hits, flops and never-ending lunacy that is musical theatre, but London has only ever had it in one incarnation, many years ago.

For this new edition, not only do we get the former child star's lament to the tune of "Tomorrow", there are deliciously mean-spirited revamps of Grease, Oklahoma! and, of course, The Lion King. All in the best possible taste...

Jermyn Street Theatre (0171-287 2875) to 15 May