American Psycho, Almeida Theatre: Reviews round-up


What is it? Headlong’s musical adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ novel. Duncan Sheik provides the music, Rupert Goold is directing, and it stars Matt Smith.

The Independent says: “capitalist extremism … satirised through a psychopathic serial-killing Wall Street banker seems an improbable subject for a tuner.  But this witty, almost terminally knowing show tackles that difficulty with deadpan cheek … the show is short on visceral tension. Patrick’s sadistic spasms with axe and nail gun are stylised, choreographed turns … the gore is mostly virtual.”

They say: The Daily Mail: “there is a chance of satire puncturing its target. But this [show] longs to be thought cool, even while criticising cool … Style trumps humanity and dramatic truth.”

The Guardian: “the stand-out performer is the excellent Matt Smith … [he] has the capacity to suggest there is a strange emotional vacancy and spiritual hollowness within this solitary fantasist. Without enlisting our sympathy, he makes Bateman wholly believable.”

You say: @verbalictor: “It’s a hugely, refreshingly, enjoyable show and the cast are blimmin’ brilliant. Good night out. Hurrah.”

@MrJDMyatt: “Slick & disturbing as the 80s. Slides across its surfaces like Sondheim on K”

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