Cultural Life: Alexandra Ansanelli, ballerina

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During my three years at the Royal Ballet, it has been mentioned to me many times that I should read Meredith Daneman's book, 'Margot Fonteyn: A Life.' I shall be dancing her role in 'Ondine' quite soon, before retiring from the world of ballet. I thought that by reading about her fully, it might make this experience even more special and meaningful. Dancing her role in these three performances is a personal thank you to the Royal Ballet and a way of paying respect to such an icon who was so significant in creating it's history.


'Master Chef' as I'm such a foodie despite the strict regime of being a ballerina! 'Sex and the City' is also fun to watch especially because I am from the Big Apple.


My iPod has a vast cultural and stylistic range: Erroll Garner and Beyoncé to Prokofiev piano concertos.

Visual art

'Picasso: Challenging the Past' at the National Gallery. I especially loved his period of Analytical Cubism. The audio tours are my favourite. Making art interactive always makes it easier and faster to learn.

'Ondine' opens at the Royal Opera House on 27 May and will have 8 performances until 6 June.