Food for thought: Jack Thorne, playwright and screenwriter


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The playwright/screenwriter’s stage adaptation of Let the Right One In is at the Royal Court, London, until 21 December. His film adaptation of Nick Hornby’s novel A Long Way Down is out in March.


Gravity at the Imax. There’s a sequence near the end where I didn’t breathe for five minutes.


I think most writers struggle with back ache and gluttony. My solution is long walks listening to podcasts; today, it’s Grayson Perry’s Reith Lectures. And they are glorious.


Watch Masters of Sex. It’s a show I almost gave up on but it’s turned into something quite brilliant.


See Nut by Debbie Tucker Green at the National Theatre’s Shed. She finds a poetic simplicity to most things that’s both spare and epic.


I’m writing relatively dark stuff at the moment and this requires me to listen to bright soundtracks, generally by John Williams. At the moment it’s ET.


Finish reading Oscar and Lucinda by Peter Carey. I got married two months ago and we asked everyone to give us their favourite paperback.  This was given to us by my Aunt Penny and I loved it.


Watch Doctor Who. Like every other sane person in my world. It is, quite simply, magnificent.