Free Independent drama: The Miner and the Thief

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25 years after the strike that divided Britain, ex-miner Joe is forced to question his most cherished ideals when he confronts a young man who breaks into his Yorkshire home.

Warning; contains strong language.

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About the Writer

Mark Griffiths writes comedy and drama for radio, TV and stage. His first ever commission was for Radio 4’s Week Ending programme at the age of seventeen, closely followed by a stint writing material for Smith & Jones for BBC 1 aged eighteen. His writer/contributor credits include TV Go Home (E4 and tie-in book), Comedy Nation (BBC2), The News Huddlines (BBC Radio 2) and co-creating the sitcom The Basement (BBC Radio Wales). He has written several original plays, including Leona Cash (BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play 2008); The Impossibility Club and The Lullaby Witch (both for 24/7 Theatre Festival, Manchester). The Lullaby Witch will be performed at this year's Edinburgh Fringe.

About the Actors

Ian Curley is a hugely talented character actor who has had many TV and theatre roles including Emmerdale (ITV Yorkshire) and Coronation Street (ITV Granada) His impressive theatre work includes, I know What Beer Is For (Contact Theatre), and A Game Of Two Halves (Media Medea). Ian has also enjoyed success with Studio Salford and the 24:7 Theatre Festival.

Chris Barlow is an acclaimed actor with credits across TV and Theatre including Coronation Street (ITV Granada), Shameless (Channel 4), Spooks (BBC3), Bloody Murder (ITV Granada) and The Innocence Project (BBC)

The Miner and The Thief is copyright of Made in Manchester/Dark Smile

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