Laura Mugridge's intimate tales in a campervan

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Laura Mugridge's debut solo theatre show takes place in a 1978 vintage VW campervan called Joni. The show Running on Air is seen by five audience members at a time. It debuted at the Edinburgh Festival last year, where it picked up a Fringe First award and has just started a tour of the UK.

The show is split into three journeys: the first recalls when Mugridge picked up the campervan from Edinburgh in 2009 and it broke down several times, the second is a journey to Cornwall and the third is a story that takes place on top of a mountain.

"Last year when I'd started writing the show I was feeling lost and my husband challenged me to do a gig on top of a mountain," says Mugridge. "There was no audience, only three kestrels, but it was really important for me and I wanted to talk about that gig in my show. It's about celebrations and those tiny moments."

But why a campervan as the setting? "I was actually sitting in Joni trying to think of a little space, when I realised that the campervan makes sense. It's a magical place away from the outside world."