On the agenda: Fitzrovia Radio Hour; Akala; Ane Lan's Dream Chamber; Oakley; Gelupo; Garden Party to Make a Difference

Hip-hop in a library? Shhh! Plus, sorbets, shades and self-deluding dreams...
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Ever wondered exactly how to create the sound of a man being turned inside-out? Well, wonder no more, as the spiffing Fitzrovia Radio Hour is here to show you. (Clue: it involves a wet balloon, a sink plunger and a cabbage.) Catch the final few performances of a successful run in east London's Last Days of Decadence, before the troupe polishes up its jolly good show of three spoof 1940s wireless plays, all done with full sound effects and in period dress, and takes it to the Edinburgh Fringe. Tuesday to Saturday, fitzroviaradio.com

Rebecca Gonsalves


In the best PR move for libraries since Charlie Brown last had his card stamped, Akala, the hip-hop artist, brother of Ms Dynamite and (lesser-known fact, this) talented baker of vegan cakes, is touring our libraries with his Hip Hop Shakespeare show, putting on free performances in Manchester, Bristol, Canterbury, Norwich and London. His new album, 'DoubleThink', inspired by Orwell, Huxley and Yevgeny Zamyatin, and "Hip Hop or Shakespeare" guess-the-lyric contest will challenge anyone's preconceptions. readingagency.org.uk

Katy Guest


The box-office-topping sci-fi thriller Inception seems to have unleashed the amateur analyst in all who see it. Now the Barbican is inviting us to take our psychological sleuthing a step further with the UK premiere of Norwegian artist Ane Lan's Dream Chamber. The multi-disciplinary piece explores the unconscious meaning of our neurotic symptoms, and why the needs underlying them manifest in self-delusion. Thursday, barbican.org.uk. For the chance to win a pair of tickets, email your details to newreview@independent.co.uk



If you're inspired by the knobbly knees and sweaty napes of those pushing through the Tour de France, look no further than Oakley for your cycle shades. Its iconic Jawbone and Radar glasses have seen hundreds of cyclists through sunny rides and bumpy terrain over the years, with violet- and jade-tinted lenses to enhance visibility and wraparound styles to ward off any dusty debris. This year's versions come in vintage BMX chrome and are being sported by none other than Lance Armstrong. £285, oakley.co.uk

Harriet Walker


If you're within a five-mile radius of Archer Street, London W1, make tracks to the Gelupo gelateria. Owned by chef-of-the-moment Jacob Kenedy, it's across the road from his Bocca di Lupo restaurant, but a darned sight easier to get a table (well, a stool at the bar). Heavenly delights await from 11am-11pm: the pineapple sorbet is sweet and tangy, the dark chocolate rich and comforting, plus hazelnut, cherry, coconut... gelupo.com

Lisa Markwell


Early warning: it's time for nosy neighbours to cast off the net curtains and rejoice. The Prince of Wales is about to re-open to the public the gardens of Clarence House and neighbouring Lancaster and Marlborough Houses. The 12-day Garden Party to Make a Difference is being held in aid of HRH's Start initiative, which promotes sustainable living. Special areas will be curated by illustrious names such as Dame Vivienne Westwood and Jonathan Dimbleby, and there'll be the requisite live performances from comedians and musicians. 8-19 September, startuk.org