Preview: Pool (No Water)/ Imogen Heap, Lyric, London

Artist makes a splash in chilling tale
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The electro-pop star Imogen Heap's music has been used inThe OC and Six Feet Under, as well as in major films including The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Garden State and Shrek 2.

Now Heap, famous for her layered textures of vocals and electronic rhythms, has adapted songs from her latest album, Speak for Yourself, for Frantic Assembly's new physical theatre production pool (no water), written by Mark Ravenhill.

"I love the challenge of being able to adapt my songs for the show. In some songs I have taken out lyrics and made it more instrumental so that you are not being thrown on a different tangent to where the actual play is meant to be taking you," says Heap.

Pool (no water) is a macabre tale about an artist who has a reunion with old friends. When the host falls in an empty pool of water, her friends, jealous of her wealth and success, take photographs of her bruised body for an exhibition about "the healing process", turning her suffering into a work of art, until the host gets the upper hand again.

"I had to take one of the songs to pieces because timing-wise it had to be perfect for the movements," says Heap. "It was a unique experience to watch the very angular movements performed to my track 'Mic Check' [B-side to her next single]. The song is all rhythmic textures, the bass line and the drums are all still my voice."

Having initially struggled when she walked out of Island Records, Heap has succeeded in making two solo albums on her self-funded record label, Megaphonic. Not only has she toured the UK and Europe, she has also helped out big film score composer Hans Zimmer with the music for Jude Law's new film, The Holiday, in LA. She is also about to work on the score for a Disney-funded nature film about flamingos. "I have a reputation to come up with the goods. I love the variety in my musical life."

Touring UK from 22 September- 23 November; 31 October - 18 November at Lyric Hammersmith;