Video preview: I, CULTURE weekend

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A sci-fi extravaganza of aliens, robots and astronauts is taking place at Theatre Square this weekend, opening with a performance inspired by legendary sci-fi writer Stanislaw Lem.

The I, CULTURE Weekend, an international festival taking place across 10 cities over six months, kicks off on 1 July.

Sci-fi spectacular Planet Lem will open the festival with a bang, with a tale of aliens and cosmonauts struggling against the oppression of their techno superiors. A dark prediction of the future, Planet Lem is performed outdoors at night, making it both breathtaking and unforgettable.

I, CULTURE Weekend will also feature a Contemporary Craft Workshop, where participants can contribute to what will later become a global craft puzzle as the festival moves from city to city.

The art, music, literature and theatre festival, which will feature more than 400 worldwide events from July to December, celebrates Poland's presidency of the EU. The festival runs at Theatre Square, National Theatre, Southbank until 3 July.

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